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(94/25/EC, as amended by Directive 2003/44/EC)


When a used boat from a country outside of the EU or a new boat built and designed for non-EU markets is imported into the EU, the manufacturer or his representative may not necessarily be responsible for ensuring that the craft complies with the Directive. In this case, any natural or legal person who places the product on the market or puts it into service in Europe can accept this responsibility. In order to do this, the person must apply to a notified body to conduct a conformity assessment. The notified body must be provided with any available documentation or technical information about the craft. The notified body will then examine the craft and carry out calculations to ensure the craft’s equivalent conformity with the requirements of the Directive and draw up a report of conformity. On this basis, the person who places the product on the market or puts it into service will draw up a declaration of conformity and affix a CE mark accompanied by the unique identification number of the notified body. The builder’s plate should also contain the words ‘Post Construction Certificate’.

Exempted craft changing its use

Some types of craft are exempted from the Directive’s requirements, like racing boats or fishing vessels. However, if an
exempted craft changes its use to become a recreational craft, all of the requirements of this Directive are most likely to apply to it. The circumstances surrounding each individual craft will determine whether or not it should be CE marked.

Partly completed craft

Article 1 of the RCD states that partly completed boats also fall within the scope of the Directive. In this case, the partly completed craft should be accompanied by a declaration by the manufacturer, his authorized representative or the person who places the partly completed craft on the market that it is intended to be completed by

The declaration should contain:

- The name and address of the builder

- The name and address of the representative of the builder or person responsible for the placing on the market

- A description of the partly completed craft

- A statement that the partly completed craft is intended to be completed by others and that it complied with the essential requirements that apply at that stage of the construction.

In some cases, boats can be delivered to the distributor with some parts (like consoles or tanks) to be assembled by the distributor according to the technical specifications provided by the manufacturer. In such case, the boat is considered CE marked by the manufacturer. A similar situation exists where the engine is considered CE marked once mounted and installed on board the craft according to the technical specifications established by the manufacturer. It is important to remember that a completed craft, whether by a professional or an amateur, must be CE marked before being put into service or placed on the market.

Directive 94/25/EC on Recreational Craft,as amended by Directive 2003/44/EC, is a European Union directive which sets out minimum technical, safety and environmental standards for the trade of boats, personal watercraft, marine engines and components in Europe. It covers boats between 2.5 m and 24 m, personal watercraft, engines and a number of components. It ensures their suitability for sale and use in Europe.